Friday, December 14, 2012

Down Time

I'm done with my semester. Let me tell you, it was a doozie. Classes from 8am to 6pm most days with more projects than ever before, but I still had to find time to study (sleep, eat, and exercise). Yes, I am looking for sympathy, so feel free to give me cookies, chocolate, and presents (or just say, that sounds like it sucked :) But I am done, I passed all of my classes and starting in January, I am in the clinic for 3 months, almost like a real PT. Scary huh?

My 6th out of 6 finals, which happened to be on Dec 6th (you see, my program is satan), finished up around 9:30am, so naturally, a few of us went to the store to buy mimosa makings. It is totally acceptable to drink mimosas and bloody mary's before noon! Later that evening, we partied like we have been studying for 3 months straight. It was awesome.

The next day (Friday), I headed up to L.A. to see my entire family (Ben flew down from San Fran, and My mom, dad, and Shelly were in from Seattle), including my faux family the Corre's. We had dinner together at a lovely restaurant in Manhattan Beach, then headed back to the Corre's house in Brentwood.

Bonnie and her daughter, Melissa started making one of the kind jewelry. My mom bought beautiful gold and platinum earrings. Check out their stuff. It is all beautiful and both Bonnie and Melissa are personal jewelry's that can customize any piece of jewelry.

On Saturday, the Short family headed to the Valley to see some cousins we haven't seen in 20 years. It was amazing to see them again! They live on a lake and we took a Duffy (party boat) to a cute little restaurant. Our two families (well we are really one family!) talked as if we see each other every weekend. It was so fun to catch up! It is really nice to re-connect with family.
Swans from the boat
The Fam on the boat

The "kid" cousins at lunch 

Sunday, my mom and I ran 8 miles. We ran from Brentwood, down San Vicente to Santa Monica (the beach). Sitting on your butt for 2 weeks straight is a really great way to get out of shape fast. I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago, and running 8 miles was extremely hard. I ended up having to walk a little bit of it, but moving felt so good. I am so excited to get back in shape this next month.

Currently I am catching up on my television programs (Dexter!) and spending as much time relaxing as possible.

Here are some fun pictures to end this post :)
photo credit: Shelly's FB
 Here the story of George meeting Lyla for the first time. He was confused to what "that" is
A picture of the Seattle Space-needle the day Pot became legal to smoke. Overdoing it a bit Seattlelites?

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