Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Short Tales. After reading other people's blogs and deciding this is a great way for you to see what I am up to (I will limit it to the exciting stuff, I promise), I am starting my own blog. I know that I will be extremely busy once school starts, but I will try and update as much as I can.

As of right now, I am getting ready for two things:
1.) Most important (because it is on Saturday): Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Seattle.
Although this will be my 20-something half marathon, I am coming off a knee injury and have not trained as much as I would have liked. I just have to accepted that mile 9 through 13 might be a little painful and I will definitely not be doing this race for time as I intended when I signed up. This half marathon has been less about the race and more about the training. Let's see, to train for this race I have run with: Etta (my mom and running inspiration), Rebecca, Janine, Jiffy, Lucas, Rob and Ginger! It has been a great way to spend time with people I love spending time with while shaping up my butt. I let you know how it goes!

(Etta and I doing a training run together- accidentally wore the same outfit)

2.) My move to California. Chris and I have enlisted a property manager to help us rent out our place and manage it while we are in California. We have started to purge our stuff and start packing. It is amazing how much one accumulates in 4 years. Well, my slight OCD (or CDO since I like things alphabetical) likes organization more than chaos, the purging has been...dare I say it...kind of, almost fun. But we still have a lot to do and I wish that I had a magic wand to transport all my stuff into my new apartment (which I have not found yet) in California.

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