Monday, February 25, 2013

The Last Week in Photos

The past week was a fun one. On Friday, Feb 15th, Chris flew down to Orange to visit. Here is what we did.

Thanks to Josh and Melissa, on Saturday afternoon we were able to hang out on their boat in Newport. It was the first nice day in Southern Cali in a while. Perfect timing on Chris's part.
Sail boat race 

The boys enjoying the boat

Virgin/Google Explorer Boat
Romantic kiss on the boat
The next day, Christopher, Andrew, Pete and I went a nice Sunday Brunch.
The boys enjoying bottomless mimosas at Brunch.
Chris left on Tuesday, but on Wednesday night, Shelly arrived in LA. Since I have Thursday off, I headed up to Manhattan Beach to visit with her. It was a long day at work, so we stayed in and watched a movie.
I also got to visit with Lily (the cat). Isn't she adorable (or slightly scary)?
Sriracha Chips. We thought they were a legend till now. 
Our movie snack included Sriracha chips! Thank you Sam!

The next morning Shelly forced me out of bed at the crack of 10am. On my days off I have reverted back to college style and I usually don't get out of bed till at least noon if not later. We decided that we would take a walk from Manhattan Beach to Marina Del Ray. Shelly informed me that this would only be a 3 mile walk one way, we could stop for lunch and then walk back.

Well it turned out that from the place we were staying to Marina Del Ray it was a little more than 3 miles. Here was our route:
Notice the actual mileage that we walked. It was a beautiful day and we both had nothing to do, so we decided to walk the almost 10 miles.
Once we actually arrived in Marina Del Ray, we were starving, so we ate at Tony P's right on the water. We shared Ahi apps and a chicken salad. To get back, we called a cab. There was no way we could take another step.

Shelly and I met up with her friend Erin in Hollywood at a sushi place for happy hour. After a quick bite, it was getting late and I had work the next day, so I headed home.

This past weekend was not quite as eventful. I watched Scrubs, did a major clean around my place and ran 6 miles on Saturday and a slow 4 miles on Sunday.

At work today during lunch, I stepped outside and saw a Road Runner…Meep Meep

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Next weekend I have a fun event I will be attending. More on that later :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sick as a Dog

I have been laying in bed for the past 2 days, this is the first time I have been vertical (and by that I mean sitting up) for more than 20 mins since I laid down Monday night. Everyone in my clinic was sick, the people that work there and the patients, so I was bound to get sick. I thought I might get the sniffles because that is what I usually get when I am sick, but was I wrong.

My big adventure yesterday was getting out of bed, heating up some soup to eat and then heading to the couch to fall back asleep. I was half afraid I was going to die and half hoping I would die because of how horrible I felt.
my hang out spot for the past two days

Above are my two companions. They have kept me company in my time of need.

There are some benefits to being sick:
1.) I got to catch up on my sleep (even though it was fever ridden, it was still sleep).
2.) I saved money because I didn't eat as much as I normally do the past couple of days.
3.) I probably lost some weight, one from not eating as much and two from coughing so much, I burned calories and gained some abs.
4.) Now when I work in a hospital, I will have empathy towards my patients when they say they don't feel well and don't want to do physical therapy, I will know how they feel and not make them work as hard.

I am feeling better, but not quite 100%. I have to mail a letter and the thought of standing up seems miserable, but who knows, maybe I'll have a moment of strength.

Here is a little something to leave you with that is happy:

Guilt Free Banana Ice Cream
Not the prettiest picture, but it was delicious. I found this recipe off pinterest (AKA heaven). 

If you have banana's that are overly ripe, peel them, cut them into slices and freeze them over night. The next day, blend them. Add anything you like. I had some chocolate caramel pieces that I added, but the "ice cream" is delicious by it self. It tastes like real ice cream. Plus there is no milk in it, so if you are lactose intolerant, this is a great way for you to eat "ice cream" I highly suggest trying this. 

Okay, time to head back into bed. Sorry if there are some grammatical errors, I am still a little groggy, but hey, I am getting back to my normal self.