Monday, January 16, 2012

My Philosophy

My philosophy is only do things that make you happy. Obviously there will be times in between those happy moments that are necessary to get things done or to make you appreciate the good times more, but seriously, why waste your time doing something you don't like. This applies to many things in my life, but here are a few that I have learned to appreciate recently.

1.) School: Yes it is hard and I whine and complain, but I enjoy the information and it makes me happy to realize that I am completing something that I know will make waking up and going to work fun and interesting.

2.) Exercise: This blog post was actually inspired because I took a fantastic yoga class today that made me feel wonderful. Now when I say exercise, I don't mean just any kind of exercise. If I am not into something, I am not going to do it. I love running, yoga, cycling and skiing. But sometimes I need a break from running and so I take a break. But after my yoga class tonight (handstands and all), I realized that yoga was missing in my life and how much I need it. I took the plunge and bought a membership. I may not be able to eat my In N' Out once a month and I will probably have to...gasp...cut down on my diet coke habit to pay for it, but I don't care. Yoga makes me more happy than my outing to In N Out once a month, so there.

Arm Balance at the summit of my hike...Now I call that a fun time!

3.) Eating: I love delicious food. Especially chocolate and ice cream (but surprisingly not chocolate ice cream). I try to eat healthy (well In N Out and Diet Coke don't sound very healthy, but usually I eat my veggies), but tasty eating is also important to me. So I am going to share a delicious, easy and healthy recipe that I acquired from a nutritionist:

Risotto with Garbanzo Beans
Here is the recipe

*Instant Risotto (but if you are on a low sodium diet, you can get plain risotto as well)
*Garbanzo beans
*Vegetables of your choice
*Tofu (optional)

Simple preparation
*Heat up Risotto (follow instructions on the box)
*5 minutes before it is finished add beans and frozen broccoli


Slightly more complicated preparation
Sautee vegetables of your choice
I added zucchini, squash, mushrooms, kale, broccoli, tofu, and onions

Sautéing in the pan

Heat up Risotto(follow instructions on the box)

5 minutes before it is finished add beans and frozen broccoli


I love spicy food and I am in the school of thought that you can add sriracha to anything!

The meal makes enough for 3 to 4 people or 3 to 4 lunches or dinners for later in the week. And let me tell is delicious. Plus the risotto and beans make the meal a complete protein.

What makes you happy?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleeping in Never Felt so Good

2 weeks into my break with 1 week left and I could live like this forever.

I have managed to keep myself busy, but only with fun activities. Although my brain is still on overdrive from my first semester of school, hopefully the next week will be enough time to but my brain into coast.

I haven't done much over break. I am still catching up on sleep and exercise. I bought a 10 pass to my yoga studio (Yoga Bliss) and I hope that I use them all up, if not, I will just have to come back home before the pass expires. I have also been running. Let me tell you that if you don't run for a while how quickly you get out of shape. I took a slightly hilly 3 mile run (3.27 to be exact) and my last mile was torturous. I have never huffed and puffed so much while doing a 10 minute mile. But it felt really good to get out there. Endorphin Rush.

I got the opportunity to stay at Victoria's cabin at Crystal Mtn. with Rebecca and ski on a beautifully sunny day. We had an amazing time!

Me, Victoria and Rebecca skiing at Crystal. Beautiful day. Beautiful view of Mt Rainer in the back ground!

After my wonderful time at Crystal Mtn. Chris and I headed south to Portland to chill with Nichole, Trevor and Chelsea. It was great to be able to see them over break.

My dad Steven took my brother Ben, Chris and I to a Seahawks game on Christmas eve. We didn't win :(, but I still had a great time. Who knew that I would love to watch football?

At the bus stop heading to Clink Field

Ben and Chris decked out in Seahawk's gear, excited about the game

I spent Christmas eve and day with Chris's family. Right after the Seahawks game, we headed to the Pilkey's residence for amazing food and a fun time with his family.

Chris scoring over 1,000,000 points on Xbox's dance kinect game!

White elephant gift: Stashes. We look hot
It has been amazing seeing friends. I miss everyone so much and I have had a great time catching up.