Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 week down 14 to Go

And I already cannot keep my eyes open past 10pm. I think I need to up my caffeine intake. I have been trying to not drink as much diet coke, but apparently I need it.

Since spring break wasn't long enough, I decided that I should make the first week of summer session my second week of break.

Here is a little re-cap:
Monday through Thursday I enjoyed 40 hours of class with very little studying. Although our classes now involve actually putting our hands on each other, which if this was any other profession, our touching would be totally inappropriate, but since we are in PT school, it is totally cool for us to touch each others ischial tuberosities (Butts).
 Okay, the picture above is from my actual spring break, but Dick's is one of my favorite burger places!
View from Hermosa Beach
This picture is of the coast of LA. On Monday, Shelly offered to cook me dinner (as previously stated in my last post), so I headed up to Hermosa Beach and this is a picture I took from my cellphone.
What is a fake spring break without a little bit of delicious beer?

Friday was sleep day. Which meant that after class at 2:30pm I fell asleep until 7:00pm and then went back to bed around 11pm. I think my body needed it.

The next morning after getting a good 12 hours of sleep, I took a quick 4 mile run and then headed to Newport Beach to hang out with my friend Melissa. Her boyfriend owns a Duffy which apparently is synonymous with cruising and drinking. I invited Lauren and Jenny to join along in the boating festivities.
The boat

Delicious Spanish wine

Only in Newport, Venice Italy and Vegas do you see a gondola

The ladies of the boat

The sunset

The captain Josh and his first mate Melissa

The crew

Next weekend Rebecca (one of my best friends) is coming into town and we are heading down to San Diego to run the San Diego Safari Half Marathon. The following weekend I go to Tucson for the last time EVER to see my little brother graduate from University of Arizona. This summer is going to be busy but fun. I will try and keep you updated with all of my adventures.

Do you have any fun trips or adventures planned for this summer?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Round 3

Spring break is over :(  That was the quickest week of my life. I seriously could have used a month of nothing and I might be motivated to come back to school. But I guess I don't have a choice and I started at 8am this glorious Monday morning.

Today was definitely not the best day. 1st of all school started and at 8am, it was raining (I just left a beautiful, sunny Seattle for crappy So Cal weather), I hit my head on the desk (and it really hurt) and I realized that all my books that I ordered off were delivered last Friday yet they are not in my possession and it is Monday. I asked all my neighbors and they said that they saw a package sitting at my door all weekend, but they don't know where it is now. So I am guessing that someone stole my books. I hope whoever stole my books enjoys reading riveting stories about neuroanatomy that I barely understand!

Okay, now for the redeeming part of my day. I texted my sister that I was having a crappy day so she invited me up to her place in Hermosa Beach and offered to cook me dinner. As I have stated in previous posts, I am not one to pass up on free food (plus I haven't seen my sister in a while), so right after class (which was at 6pm) I headed up to Hermosa. Here is where my day got better.
1.) There was absolutely NO traffic at 6pm on the 405. Whoa! That is unheard of. I went over the speed limit the entire time.
2.) Shelly made me a delicious dinner of pulled beef tacos (I made a salad)
3.) We walked down to the pier after dinner (because she lives in walking distance to the beach) and just as the sun was setting we saw a family of dolphins swimming right underneath us. How awesome is that?
View from Hermosa Beach Pier. Photo credit: Shelly Short
4.) I bought froyo. I love frozen yogurt and I jump at any opportunity to buy it.

Now all I have to decide is whether to go to bed or finish reading the second book of The Hunger Games. Tough decision! I think I will choose Hunger Games.

Good Night!


I am half way through my spring break and let me tell you, this week is going WAY TOO FAST. Time, please slow down.

So far I have enjoyed a long run, sleep and time with friends. But there is so much more time with friends and sleeping that I have to do before school starts again on Monday.

On Saturday I took a flight from Orange County to Seattle at 8:00am and I got a great wake up call by getting a a full pat down. Oh yeah, I look suspicious.

After arriving in Seattle, my family took Chris and I to Dim Sum (Chris's first time to Dim Sum) and then a walk around Green Lake. After the exhausting pat down, all that eating and a a 2.8 mile walk around a Seattle classic man made lake, I took a much need nap for the next 5 hours. I literally could have slept for the rest of the night, but I had a party to attend. A birthday party for Victoria and Maggie's 28th birthday! It was awesome to see everyone.

On Tuesday, Ben (my bro) and I headed to downtown Seatown to meet our mother for lunch. It was tax day, so Occupy Seattle was protesting at the Wellsfargo building.

Spice World (a store, not the band) had some fun spices

Spicy chile

Restaurant that we ate at.
View from Lunch

Beautiful Pike Place

While at the market, I posted the above picture on facebook. My sister saw that I posted this and that a friend from elementary school in LA that I haven't seen in 20 years also posted a picture of pike place. We were able to meet up. I think that is social media at its best. My mom, brother and I had a wonderful lunch at Lowell's where I had clam chowder and then we headed to a spice market and found some interesting yet delicious spices (see photos above).

Honestly nothing has been too exciting this break, but it has been wonderful. My mission is to finish at least the 2nd book in Hunger Games, do yoga, run, sleep and see my friends, which I have been pretty successful at all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Week This far

Well it is the last week of the semester which means that it is final's week. Ahhhhh. I can't decide if our professors hate us or want us to be good clinicians so they are pushing us to our limits. I think I had 3 cups of coffee and a record of 3 diet cokes yesterday and I was still struggling to stay awake last night.

The count so far this week:

  • 1 sunburn. My skin has not seen the light of day since August and forgot how harsh the sun can be.

Studying outside without sunscreen.
The class I was studying for when I got my lovely burn (kinesiology)

  • Too many caffeinated drinks

We may have gone through two of these cases and a 12 pack already, but who is counting?

  • 3 finals (so far) --> 3 more to go (at least I am half way done)
  • And endless amounts of snacks. But think of all of the studying I am doing and all of the glucose my brain requires to be able to think, so I need all of that candy.

My parents sent me care package full of yummy snacks. I think I have eaten the whole thing already
Encase you were wondering where I have been since Saturday morning, here is a picture of my study station:
I hope your week has been just as productive as mine.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oops I Did it Again...

...I signed up for another half marathon this year and it is in 5 weeks. I better start training.
The race:
The San Diego Zoo: Safari Park Half Marathon.
You get to run through a vineyard and the zoo. How fun is that? Plus it will make me run, which I love to do, but sometimes I get lazy. So I'm running 8 miles on Friday. There I said it, so now I have to do it.

Finals are next week and I get to kick it off with a practical exam tomorrow in PT Exam. Which means that I have a "patient" with some problem and I have to do an examination and figure out what is wrong with them. It is so nerve racking, luckily I do yoga, so I know how to do deep breathing.
But starting at 4pm on Friday the 13th I am officially on spring break baby!!!
I can't wait.

This week has been a nice calm before the storm.

Monday was a beautiful day and we didn't have our afternoon class, so a couple friends and I went to Crystal Cove, which is a beach in Newport to explore a little.

I'm rocking the NW look before our exploration of the beach (minus the gortex and with a little tan)

Chaco's and a starfish

Friends: Rubin, Mendo, Sam, and Nikki

Roomie picture!
And the nice surprise of the day: Island's (a local chain restaurant in So Cal) was offering free Maverick Burgers to any customer who brought in a picture of a wave. I am not one to pass on free food, so a few of us partook in this! Now the Maverick burger was not the healthiest thing, so I modified it a little bit. Instead of a beef burger I got a veggie patty, no mayo, no onions (which included fried onions) and no cheese. So basically I got a veggie burger with BBQ sauce for $2 (hey you have to tip). I think it was a win, since I didn't end up eating terribly unhealthy and I got a full meal for $2

Back to studying.