Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Week This far

Well it is the last week of the semester which means that it is final's week. Ahhhhh. I can't decide if our professors hate us or want us to be good clinicians so they are pushing us to our limits. I think I had 3 cups of coffee and a record of 3 diet cokes yesterday and I was still struggling to stay awake last night.

The count so far this week:

  • 1 sunburn. My skin has not seen the light of day since August and forgot how harsh the sun can be.

Studying outside without sunscreen.
The class I was studying for when I got my lovely burn (kinesiology)

  • Too many caffeinated drinks

We may have gone through two of these cases and a 12 pack already, but who is counting?

  • 3 finals (so far) --> 3 more to go (at least I am half way done)
  • And endless amounts of snacks. But think of all of the studying I am doing and all of the glucose my brain requires to be able to think, so I need all of that candy.

My parents sent me care package full of yummy snacks. I think I have eaten the whole thing already
Encase you were wondering where I have been since Saturday morning, here is a picture of my study station:
I hope your week has been just as productive as mine.

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