Monday, April 23, 2012


I am half way through my spring break and let me tell you, this week is going WAY TOO FAST. Time, please slow down.

So far I have enjoyed a long run, sleep and time with friends. But there is so much more time with friends and sleeping that I have to do before school starts again on Monday.

On Saturday I took a flight from Orange County to Seattle at 8:00am and I got a great wake up call by getting a a full pat down. Oh yeah, I look suspicious.

After arriving in Seattle, my family took Chris and I to Dim Sum (Chris's first time to Dim Sum) and then a walk around Green Lake. After the exhausting pat down, all that eating and a a 2.8 mile walk around a Seattle classic man made lake, I took a much need nap for the next 5 hours. I literally could have slept for the rest of the night, but I had a party to attend. A birthday party for Victoria and Maggie's 28th birthday! It was awesome to see everyone.

On Tuesday, Ben (my bro) and I headed to downtown Seatown to meet our mother for lunch. It was tax day, so Occupy Seattle was protesting at the Wellsfargo building.

Spice World (a store, not the band) had some fun spices

Spicy chile

Restaurant that we ate at.
View from Lunch

Beautiful Pike Place

While at the market, I posted the above picture on facebook. My sister saw that I posted this and that a friend from elementary school in LA that I haven't seen in 20 years also posted a picture of pike place. We were able to meet up. I think that is social media at its best. My mom, brother and I had a wonderful lunch at Lowell's where I had clam chowder and then we headed to a spice market and found some interesting yet delicious spices (see photos above).

Honestly nothing has been too exciting this break, but it has been wonderful. My mission is to finish at least the 2nd book in Hunger Games, do yoga, run, sleep and see my friends, which I have been pretty successful at all.

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