Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 week down 14 to Go

And I already cannot keep my eyes open past 10pm. I think I need to up my caffeine intake. I have been trying to not drink as much diet coke, but apparently I need it.

Since spring break wasn't long enough, I decided that I should make the first week of summer session my second week of break.

Here is a little re-cap:
Monday through Thursday I enjoyed 40 hours of class with very little studying. Although our classes now involve actually putting our hands on each other, which if this was any other profession, our touching would be totally inappropriate, but since we are in PT school, it is totally cool for us to touch each others ischial tuberosities (Butts).
 Okay, the picture above is from my actual spring break, but Dick's is one of my favorite burger places!
View from Hermosa Beach
This picture is of the coast of LA. On Monday, Shelly offered to cook me dinner (as previously stated in my last post), so I headed up to Hermosa Beach and this is a picture I took from my cellphone.
What is a fake spring break without a little bit of delicious beer?

Friday was sleep day. Which meant that after class at 2:30pm I fell asleep until 7:00pm and then went back to bed around 11pm. I think my body needed it.

The next morning after getting a good 12 hours of sleep, I took a quick 4 mile run and then headed to Newport Beach to hang out with my friend Melissa. Her boyfriend owns a Duffy which apparently is synonymous with cruising and drinking. I invited Lauren and Jenny to join along in the boating festivities.
The boat

Delicious Spanish wine

Only in Newport, Venice Italy and Vegas do you see a gondola

The ladies of the boat

The sunset

The captain Josh and his first mate Melissa

The crew

Next weekend Rebecca (one of my best friends) is coming into town and we are heading down to San Diego to run the San Diego Safari Half Marathon. The following weekend I go to Tucson for the last time EVER to see my little brother graduate from University of Arizona. This summer is going to be busy but fun. I will try and keep you updated with all of my adventures.

Do you have any fun trips or adventures planned for this summer?

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