Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

This weekend was definitely a busy and interesting one. It really started Thursday night when I couldn't stop sneezing. I thought my allergies were just flared up, but it turns out I have bronchitis. Now this wouldn't have been such a big deal but I had the San Diego Safari Half Marathon on Sunday. On top of that Rebecca (one of my best friends) came into town on Friday night and my sister joined us for dinner. Friday was not very fun (although I thoroughly enjoyed the company), I felt horrible and was questioning my ability to sit up straight let alone run 13.1 miles. I knew I was going to go down to San Diego no matter what, so Saturday morning, Rebecca and I picked up Kathryn and headed down to classy San Diego to meet up with Kelsey to pick up our race packets. Once my race packet was in my hand I knew I was participating in the event. I titrated cold medications all day and drank lots of water to try and make myself feel a little better.

After picking up our bibs and race t-shirts we headed to our hotel when I realized that I had left my entire toiletry bag at home. Again, it would seem to not be such a big deal (I can buy a toothbrush at the store), except I need contacts or glasses to see and my contacts are one day disposables. It was too late to buy new contacts, so I problem solved and got contact solution, soaked my contacts in the solution over night and prayed that they didn'r rip. Luckily the contact disaster was averted. It was an early night, but I think we all needed that.

The Start of the race

We woke up at 4:55am, ate our bagels and headed to the starting line around 5:30am. My voice was almost completely gone and I didn't feel 100%, but at least I wasn't tired.
Crossing the finish line
We did it, at the end of the race
There were some big hills and I definitely was not at full capacity, but I felt pretty good (as good as one can feel running 13.1 miles while having bronchitis) but there is no other feeling than crossing the finish line knowing that you just accomplished something all on your own. When I got my race packet the day before, as crappy as I felt, as soon as I saw my t-shirt, bib and race chip a sudden rush of energy ran through my body and I knew I was not backing down from this race.
Checking out the wildlife 

These kids just met. First love? I think so.

You know, just some rhinos and giraffes

Cute Meer cats

Our celebration Margaritas

They were buy 1 get 1 free
The whole weekend was amazing. It definitely was not smooth sailing, but I had a great time. I am a little (and by a little, I mean a lot) sore, but hey, that is what you get for running a half marathon with only 5 weeks to train. But the bling makes it all worth it.

So here is to my 23rd half marathon but the first race I have done sick. Next up: Tucson for my little brother's graduation from college.

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