Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Little Brother Graduates

Last weekend I was in hot hot hot Tucson Arizona for my little brother's graduation from the University of Arizona. I felt like I was in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Since I waited till the last minute to book my flight, the only reasonably priced flight was from LAX to Phoenix. So I had to drive to Los Angeles (which is about an hour from where I live), sit on a plane for an hour and a half, then a 2 hour shuttle ride from Phoenix to Tucson. It was a long day of traveling, but completely worth it to see my boo and family.

Glass of wine to start my vacation off right
Getting into Tucson after 10 hours of traveling, I checked into my hotel (with Chris) and fell asleep.

The next morning was the Big Day

The beautiful cacti in Az

The family at McKale Center

There he is. All ready to graduate

It official. Ben's name is in the pamphlet

The podium

The family after graduation
After graduation, my family and Chris and I parted ways. Chris and I studied in our hotel room (how fun) while everyone else had fun at a graduation pool party.

We all met up for dinner at Old Pueblo Grille around 8pm to finish celebrating Ben's graduation.
Celebration shots

After dinner, some of us made it out to the infamous Dirt Bags. A bar that all the U of A kids go to. I had to see this bar for my self. Ben and Shelly have talked it up so much and in the 5 years that one of my siblings have been living in Tucson, I never got to experience Dirt Bags. I knew this might be my last opportunity for a while.

Chris and Ben at the famous Dirt Bags

The trip to Tucson was too fast. It was really great to see my family and I was so excited to see Ben graduate.

Now it is back to real life. I had a neuroanatomy midterm (which we will just have to wait and see how I did) and then 1,000,000 (okay just a slight exaggeration) of exams and projects in the next three weeks. Of course I am being really productive right now by writing this blog and watching House concurrently (but watching House is just like studying).

One more thing before I start being productive again (ha ha that is kind of a joke).

I have my first 2 week clinical experience starting June 16th. I am nervous and excited. And... I get to do it up in Seattle. So friends up there, watch out, cause I am filling up your time with hanging out with ME :)
My name tag for the clinic. So fancy


  1. Yay can't wait to have you back!
    What is that shirt you are wearing at the bar ms. sexy rexy??

    1. It is a shirt I picked up in So Cal. It may be backless :) Make sure to save some time for me when I am home!!