Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friends and Fruit

My weekend has been amazing. I can't say I have done anything extremely exciting (and I am a little behind on studying), but I am just so elated right now and I think I know why.

On Friday I started school at 11:00am, which is a great improvement from my 8am classes. When I walked into my neuro lab we were doing arts n' craft projects...Making a thalamus (the executive assistant of the brain) out of a potato. Loves it.
My personal thalamic potato

My lab class and our thalamic potatoes.
It was just a really great way to start the day.

That afternoon I trekked up (it only took 1hr and 45mins to go 40 miles) to the expansive city of LA to visit close friends from elementary school. I made one of my New Years resolutions to be a better communicator with friends and so far and I am doing much better than before. I think it is ridiculous that many of my best friends live so close to me and I rarely see them. And every time I see them I am so happy for the next few days. So obviously I need to make visiting them a more regular thing.

The night in LA started out in Silverlake at my friend Em's house. We drank wine and caught up on life. It was perfect. Later we met up with some more peps from Mercer Island High School (mini high school reunion) at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Areal. I had so much fun chatting and drinking wine that we left at 1am and I didn't even realize that it was so late.
My wonderful high school friends!
The next morning a few of us headed to breakfast at LaMill in Silverlake. The food, coffee and company was wonderful, but it was possible to buy a cup of coffee for $18. Ridiculous! 

I had an omelet with goat cheese and asparagus. It was delicious. And my cup of coffee only cost $6.

I headed home around 1pm and studied frantically (not really) until about 6pm when I put down my book and met up with some school friends for Laotian food. This restaurant is literally a whole in the wall, but the prices were right and the food was awesome. I might have eaten an extremely hot chili which caused my mouth to burn for about 10 mins (and my tummy still hurts), but it was worth it.

After dinner, we went to an Asian market across the street where they had some interesting fruit.
Lauren holding a really big fruit

Heart shaped fruit

It looks like a weapon and apparently smells horrible, but is suppose to taste great
The weekend was just a perfect combination of friends and eats. Although it is Saturday night and I am about to study instead of going out, I still would consider this a successfully fun weekend.

I hope your weekend was fabulous!

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