Friday, June 1, 2012

To Hell and Back

These past couple of weeks have been very stressful.

It started with a neurophysiology test that the entire class failed. And I mean failed. The class average was a D. Um...that is not acceptable in grad school and that is a fail on the teachers part. Obviously she didn't teach us anything (which she didn't), she tested us on stuff that was beyond our knowledge (which she did), and/or she asked poorly written questions (ditto). It made me laugh.

Memorial weekend was this past weekend and I spent it studying for our ortho practical. Lauren and I did have a guest stay with us...
Sasha stopped by as well
Kelsey stayed the weekend with us (a classmate) and brought her dog Tigger with her. Plus another friend stopped by with his dog. So it was definitely a doggy dog weekend.
 Friday night started out with Lauren and I making one of our pizzas. It was delicious and a nice break from the madness.

Then the next 3 days were spent at school, not laying by the pool, in a cold and dark room. I think we all went a little bit crazy.
Mendo practicing a grade 4 mobilization on Rubin
Tuesday was the practical and I have never been so nervous for a test in my life. The issue with the practical is that if you forget something or freeze up there is a proctor staring you down. The practical went well and I passed :)

Right after the practical was a quiz about HIPAA and liability for another class. Needless to say I didn't study for that class and we'll just have to wait and see how I did on that quiz.

We had Wednesday and Thursday to cram for our 3 tests on Friday. And here I am now, barely alive, clinging to some hope of happiness. Today was 3 tests back to back (from 9:30 to 2:30). Neuroanatomy lab quiz, MSPM (ortho) exam followed by a physical agents test. Why do our professors do this to us? But it is over and now the party can start. Chris and my parent's flew down for my birthday (Shelly's birthday as well) weekend and tomorrow we are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!! I can't wait. So at least I  get a reward for all of my hard work. I just hope I didn't fail anything.

Here is a little something to leave you with. On Saturday I went to lunch at a place called the Grinder. They serve sandwiches and have a large assortment of sodas. One of the sodas was Tru Blood. When I saw it I nearly jump. It is one of my favorite shows and books. I thought maybe if I pulled one out (it was hidden in the back) that Bill or Erik would show up. No vampire sightings.

Okay, off to do yoga to calm my nerves. Update on Disneyland soon.

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