Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Sprinkle of Fun

Well I am officially old. Monday was my 29th birthday. And how did I celebrate my birthday? In Disneyland!!!

My family and Chris flew down from Seattle to treat Shelly and I to a fantastic day at Disneyland. My mom, dad, Chris and Shelly all spent the night on Friday at my apartment. We drank wine and stayed up talking about who knows what. At 8am the next morning, Shelly and I woke everyone up to get the day started. We only had so many hours in the day and so many rides to ride that we wanted to make sure there was enough time.

Chris had never been to Disneyland before, so I prepared him a little. But once he got there, he was so excited.

We hit all the major rides:
Splash Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion (which broke down on us while we were on it)

On Pirates

The birthday girls in front of the Mansion

Buzz Light Year and Space Mountain
Shelly really into Buzz Light Year

No caption needed

Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise

Waiting in line for Thunder Mtn.

Jungle Cruise. Totally kid appropriate
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
And Star Tours, which we rode right after eating a large dinner and a lot of candy. The ride was still fun, but my tummy didn't think so.
Our "space glasses" for Star Tours
I did get to eat a pickle and a churro. And let me tell you, if you have never eaten a pickle at Disneyland, you are missing out.
 The day was absolutely amazing. We ALL had such a good time.

Monday June 4th (my actual birthday) was celebrated by taking a test. Yeah! Immediately followed by studying for another test that was on Wednesday. So not too much excitement there. But right after the test on Wednesday, a bunch of us went to an Angel's vs. Mariner's game at Angel's Stadium. Guess who won?
The Mariners!!
The DPT class of 2014 who attended the game

That's right, that is a margarita! Go Mariners!

Foot long hot dog...

And beer on a sunny summer day

The evening was wonderful. If only I didn't have class at 8am the next morning. Only one more week of classes (two assignments and a test) and then I am in Seattle for 2 weeks for my first clinical experience. I am really excited and nervous, but I can't wait to come home!

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  1. i love hearing about all you're doing down there! Can't wait to have you home :)
    - Janine