Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Weeks of Debauchery

Okay that is a little bit of a lie. But I did have two bachelorette parties two weekends in a row. Let me tell you about my last few weeks and why I haven't posted in a while.

Although the 2 weeks of hell where I had 8 test was over, I still had multiple tests and projects the next week. Enough about that.

Friday June 15th, I flew home to Seattle to work in a Physical Therapy clinic for 2 weeks. The experience was amazing, but definitely exhausting. First of all I was scheduled for four ten hour days/week. Well, the days were definitely longer than that. I wouldn't have minded the extra hours except I had studying to do. But I learned a lot and it made me remember why I am torturing myself with school. I got to see what real patients look like and actually work on them (just a little).

The most exhausting (but fun) part of my two weeks home was my back to back bachelorette parties. The first bachelorette party was in Friday Harbor (San Juan Island) for Ms. Rebecca Mandell.
The Woman of the hour before heading out!
Elisa (Rebecca's sister/maid of honor) did an amazing job of organizing the perfect party for the bride.  We stayed at the cutest hotel right in downtown Friday Harbor: I highly suggest checking it out.
It included Karaoke
A bike ride
A trip to a winery
And of course, A little Penis paraphernalia 
Hey, what is a bachelorette party without a little penis? The weekend was pretty much perfect. Great company, wonderful food and a hell of a good time. Plus, it was so perfectly Rebecca.

The next weekend was Nichole's bachelorette party in Vegas. I had an equally as amazing of time, but it was definitely completely different. Here are some (appropriate) pictures to show
Popping Bottles in our limo

The View from our room (and our pool)
The Crew

Clubbing at the Marquee
Chillin by the pool

 Our Cabana
Partying the 2nd night
I don't know?

 Pretty Ladies
the Woodruff Sisters

Now it is back to reality. I may have had a test today (Monday) and it may not have gone very well. But hey, my two weekends home were AMAZBALLS!

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