Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oops I Did it Again...

...I signed up for another half marathon this year and it is in 5 weeks. I better start training.
The race:
The San Diego Zoo: Safari Park Half Marathon.
You get to run through a vineyard and the zoo. How fun is that? Plus it will make me run, which I love to do, but sometimes I get lazy. So I'm running 8 miles on Friday. There I said it, so now I have to do it.

Finals are next week and I get to kick it off with a practical exam tomorrow in PT Exam. Which means that I have a "patient" with some problem and I have to do an examination and figure out what is wrong with them. It is so nerve racking, luckily I do yoga, so I know how to do deep breathing.
But starting at 4pm on Friday the 13th I am officially on spring break baby!!!
I can't wait.

This week has been a nice calm before the storm.

Monday was a beautiful day and we didn't have our afternoon class, so a couple friends and I went to Crystal Cove, which is a beach in Newport to explore a little.

I'm rocking the NW look before our exploration of the beach (minus the gortex and with a little tan)

Chaco's and a starfish

Friends: Rubin, Mendo, Sam, and Nikki

Roomie picture!
And the nice surprise of the day: Island's (a local chain restaurant in So Cal) was offering free Maverick Burgers to any customer who brought in a picture of a wave. I am not one to pass on free food, so a few of us partook in this! Now the Maverick burger was not the healthiest thing, so I modified it a little bit. Instead of a beef burger I got a veggie patty, no mayo, no onions (which included fried onions) and no cheese. So basically I got a veggie burger with BBQ sauce for $2 (hey you have to tip). I think it was a win, since I didn't end up eating terribly unhealthy and I got a full meal for $2

Back to studying.

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  1. sounds like such a fun race! Can't wait to see you soon :)