Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yes It has been a while...

But I have a really good excuse. The last 3 weeks have been non-stop tests and projects. This was the first weekend that I did not study. In fact I did the exact opposite. Okay first here are some pictures of me actually studying:

Practicing bed mobility and transfer training with Nelson and Lauren

Pretending I had a posterior total hip replacement with an IV.
Now here is the good stuff that happened while I was not studying:

Lauren and my pizza creation that started off our Friday night.

This sums up my Friday night after the pizza

Lauren and my sexy faces

St Paddy's day party with repressed grad students

Poor Max

Manny and Andrew 

Civil war

Jen and her delicious green cheesecake
Lauren and my delicious red velvet cupcakes

Everyone was wearing green, even if it was a ninja turtle snuggie

Yes this did happen (the first and only time since I was 20 that I did a keg stand)

I started a trend...Go Manny!!!
So this is what happens grad student study for 3 weeks straight and don't have a break until St Paddy's day.

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