Saturday, February 18, 2012

Continuum of Greatness

I have always struggled with the fact that I have never been the "best" at anything. Sure I am good at somethings and okay at a lot of things, but I have never been the best skier or gymnasts, runner or yogi. I can play the piano, guitar and hit a high note once and a while in karaoke (especially after some liquid courage), but no one would come to me with advice on how to read music or the best technique down the ski slope. Even with school, I am not a 4.0 student and I am definitely not top in my class. To come to think of it, I am pretty average in my skills. If you look at my race stats, I fall in the 50 percentile. I am definitely not the worst student in class, but I am not getting the highest grades on any test, someone always gets a higher score than me, even if I get 100%.

I want to be an expert in something...ANYTHING. So this led me to realize something...

I have never put enough effort into something to be the best. Sure, some people have raw talent and with the same amount of training as me will always just be better, but to be an expert in something, even if you are the best piano player or the most talented gymnasts, you need to put the time and effort into "it".

I also started to realize that I like not being the best.
Okay, let me rephrase my statement up above. It's not that I like being mediocre, but if you already are #1, where can you go from there?

Yoga has put this concept in to perspective. In the past two and half years I have started practicing yoga on a regular basis. With more time and effort (practice), my practice substantially got better. So I started taking more advanced classes. There was always someone who could hold a handstand longer, stretch farther and/or was stronger. This frustrated me because I felt like I was not getting better. But when I bust out a handstand or some twisty move such as astavakrasana, non-yogis are impressed
This also lead me to realize that when it comes to running, although I will never be able to do a 1h 30min half marathon, I can complete a half marathon, which is more than a lot of people can say.

I guess I should never say never, because I said I would NEVER run a half marathon, let alone a marathon and 22 half marathons and 1 marathon later...
my mom and I finishing the Portland marathon

Etta, me and Rebecca with our finishers T-shirt and medals from the Portland Marathon

Running buddies: Maggie, Sue, Kristen, Nichole and Victoria (Bloomsday)

Super Jock and Jill Half Marathon 2008

Lindsey, Rebecca, Etta and I after completing the 2009 Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon
Etta and I after completing the 2011 Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon
Chrissy, Nichole, Sue (marathon) and I after completing the 2008 Nike Women's Half Marathon

Etta, Shelly (1st half marathon), and I completing the Nike Women's Half Marathon 2010

The point is, I am not the fastest runner or the most flexible yogi, but I always have fun and there is always room to improve and something to look forward to. So I will keep being mediocre, but in the back of my mind, I will know that I am always impressing some and in return, someone will always be there to impress me (because how else will I have something to strive to, if I don't see my goal)

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