Monday, February 6, 2012

Trying to Keep Up

Wow the past couple of weeks have really flown by. I believe that I am 6 weeks into this semester and it has definitely felt completely different from the last.

1st of all I have held true to my promise to work out more often. I have been running at least twice a week and going to yoga twice a week. Exercising makes me feel good. But I have failed on going to bed at a decent hour. In fact, I think I have been going to bed even later than usual. Oops.

So here is a quick synopsis of my past couple of weeks.

My mama was in Delaware for work and couldn't fly home to Seattle due to Snowmageddon, so she finagled her way to LA so she could see my sister and I.
My Mom and I on her impromptu trip to LA

We also got to hang out with the Corre's!

It was really great having her in town. 

The next week was full of studying because Chris was coming into town to celebrate his 30th birthday and I wanted to be able to spend time with him. I had a few tests (and by a few tests I mean 4 exams and a presentation in 1 week), so I was trying to stay on top of my game. I had a practical test in wound management, so my classmates and I made wounds and treated them

Jenny, Justine and Leslie's wounds

The wound I treated. It was a Stage IV pressure ulcer in case you were wondering

A variety of different wounds

My Stage III pressure ulcer. She's a beauty isn't she?

Chris flew in on Friday (the 27th of January). It was amazing having him in town. On Saturday before our big celebration for Chris's birthday, we went to our local farmers market. I just wanted an excuse to post this picture.
Chris's large pickle he purchased at the farmers market

Later on Saturday night, to continue Chris's 30th birthday celebration we headed to Mid Evil Time...No words necessary. The next few pictures will sum up our night.
Chris is excited to be at Mid Evil Times 
Pete, Chris and Justin. Don't you just see the excitement on their faces for the show?

The king and his queen

The Group

The beginning of the show

The knights

The Fare

A flower thrown by a knight at caught by Craig

The knight night was awesome. We got to eat with our hands, drink lots of beer and celebrate Chris turning 30 years old. 

The next week was less than perfect. First of all Chris went back to Seattle, but to top it off, I had an exam Monday, Thursday and Friday, and a presentation on Wednesday. By Friday night, I was exhausted. My cousin Jessica was in town from NYC, so after a wonderful yoga class on Friday night, I headed up to Manhattan Beach to hang out with Shelly (my sis). We were totally planning on seeing Jessica that night, but with Shelly exhausted from work and my lack of sleep, we decided to meet the next day for lunch. We did just that. 

Shelly and I headed to Hollywood to eat at Off Vine. We had a lovely brunch in the sun (I can't believe it is February, gotta love the California sunshine) complete with mimosas.
Biker on the Freeway posing for a picture

The famous Hollywood sign

Shelly and I took a walk after meeting Jessica back in Manhattan Beach on the pier just as the sun was setting. This is why people live in California!

photo credit: Shelly Short

I was exhausted from the walking around (most likely my crazy week and the mimosas), so Shelly and I went back to her place to watch a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was Super Bowl. I was cheering for the Giants and they won!!! My team never wins. I ate way too much (delicious) food and got to watch football - I do find watching football enjoyable now. If only tomorrow was a national holiday (the day after super bowl holiday - let's start a petition).
Beautiful 7 layer bean dip made by Karen O' Connor
So that sums up the last 3 weeks. Wow, on paper it doesn't sound as crazy, but all I know is that I am tired. This weekend was very necessary. I think I watched more TV this weekend than I did the entire last semester. My dad keeps saying "sounds about right for someone who is getting her doctorate." Okay I get it, this is not going to be easy, but a little sympathy would be nice ;).

One last thing. I thought this was funny...

One of my classmates Amy was wearing this t-shirt on Friday...I wanted to add this picture to remind everyone that one day soon I will be a Physical Terrorist Therapist, so I highly suggest you bring me gifts now ;)

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