Monday, April 23, 2012

Round 3

Spring break is over :(  That was the quickest week of my life. I seriously could have used a month of nothing and I might be motivated to come back to school. But I guess I don't have a choice and I started at 8am this glorious Monday morning.

Today was definitely not the best day. 1st of all school started and at 8am, it was raining (I just left a beautiful, sunny Seattle for crappy So Cal weather), I hit my head on the desk (and it really hurt) and I realized that all my books that I ordered off were delivered last Friday yet they are not in my possession and it is Monday. I asked all my neighbors and they said that they saw a package sitting at my door all weekend, but they don't know where it is now. So I am guessing that someone stole my books. I hope whoever stole my books enjoys reading riveting stories about neuroanatomy that I barely understand!

Okay, now for the redeeming part of my day. I texted my sister that I was having a crappy day so she invited me up to her place in Hermosa Beach and offered to cook me dinner. As I have stated in previous posts, I am not one to pass up on free food (plus I haven't seen my sister in a while), so right after class (which was at 6pm) I headed up to Hermosa. Here is where my day got better.
1.) There was absolutely NO traffic at 6pm on the 405. Whoa! That is unheard of. I went over the speed limit the entire time.
2.) Shelly made me a delicious dinner of pulled beef tacos (I made a salad)
3.) We walked down to the pier after dinner (because she lives in walking distance to the beach) and just as the sun was setting we saw a family of dolphins swimming right underneath us. How awesome is that?
View from Hermosa Beach Pier. Photo credit: Shelly Short
4.) I bought froyo. I love frozen yogurt and I jump at any opportunity to buy it.

Now all I have to decide is whether to go to bed or finish reading the second book of The Hunger Games. Tough decision! I think I will choose Hunger Games.

Good Night!

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