Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wedding Weekend Part 2

Saturday morning I woke up, earlier than I would have liked, but full of excitement, ready to start the day. The morning was spent setting up and getting ready/beautified. The mothers were at the salon starting at 9am, my bridesmaids and I followed a little later.
The girls hanging out
The final product of my hair
The flower girls with their hair done
The bridesmaids getting ready

 The dress took a while to get on, but once we did that (it took a team), I headed outside (yes it was freezing cold) to do our first look and pictures of us and the bridal party…here is a preview
The girls watching the first look. Yes, the lake is frozen

Out in the woods

It was windy and freakin' cold
Boys will be boys
 Right after all the pictures were taken, we went inside to thaw out. I don't have any pictures of the ceremony yet, but here are some pictures of the party open bar reception!

1st Dance

The Chair dance, yes it was scary

Craig Cole…catcher of the guarder!
Melissa Corre…Catcher of the bouquet!
The whole weekend was a blast. Chris and I are so grateful for everyone who has contributed to making this weekend special. That includes everyone who was able to attend, all those who helped, and anyone who supported us during the way.

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  1. ADORABLE! Wish I had been there...looks like a night to remember! And you look GORGEOUS!