Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick and Dirty - First Couple of Weeks

Here is a little update to my life. I should be reading, so this will just be a quick post. The weekend before school started (Aug 29th), my parent's came into town. It was perfect timing because my program threw us a White Coat Ceremony to honor us into the profession.

Two weeks after school started, I missed my honey (that would be Chris), so he flew down for labor day weekend to visit. Basically the weekend was my salute to fun by living it up in a 3 day madness of staying up late, drinking beer and eating a lot of meat (literally, I mean I ate a lot of steak that weekend) with the group of Interlake Boys men. It was a blast and a great farewell into my imprisonment for the next 3 years ;)

James, Craig, Buck, Chris, Pete and Justin at Dave and Busters

School has officially started and I am waist deep in work. With 6 classes and 2 of them being lab classes, I definitely have my work cut out for me. I am enjoying the information (so at least that's a plus)

This picture is to help us study the Latissimus Dorsi as pointed to with tab F, but I can't complain about the picture

 And I don't just mean anatomy :)
Although, histology is not my favorite subject

But I feel like I have learned so much in the past three weeks that I could practically be a PT right now (except I don't know anything about the lower extremities or trunk of the body yet.

I am getting to know the surrounding area and the people in my class. It is really refreshing to be in class with people who care and want to learn the information. There is a group of 47 of us, plus about 42 second years that I am around every day and it has been fun getting to know everyone. 

So back to reading for me and then hopefully some sleep...But sleep is over-rated when you could be reading about tissue mechanics.

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