Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the Thick of it All

Everyday I think either "I am so excited to learn about the body, to graduate, become a PT and help people" or "Why the hell am I putting myself through all this stress? Ahhhhhh." This stems from the fact that I studied for a good million hours for my Anatomy quiz last Wednesday and I probably, if I am lucky, got a D on it. And I was not alone in feeling that I did horrible. Everyone in my class felt the same way. In undergrad if I studied as much as I did for that quiz I would have gotten 100%. What the hell happened?

Well now it is Saturday night and I have spent both weekend nights studying. I did take a break to shower and make dinner and I even worked out, but I almost felt guilty using my time to run instead of studying. I feel that I am so far behind in my studies and that it is impossible to catch up. A second year told us that if we ever feel caught up then that means we are not studying enough, so at least this feeling is somewhat of a good sign ;)

Last weekend I went out with some classmates. That was a nice break from studying and a great way to get to know everyone 

After our grueling Anatomy quiz on Wednesday, we had Thursday and Friday off to go to the CPTA (California Physical Therapy Association) Conference in Long Beach (LBC What What). The conference was really nice and it was exciting to partially understand what some of the lectures were about. But the MOST exciting thing was on Thursday, Dexter was being filmed right outside of the conference center. Sadly I spent about 2 hours watching them film the same scene. But seriously, this was not just a celebrity sighting...this was THE celebrity sighting. Dexter is my FAVORITE show. My cell phone ringer is the theme song and my text message alert is the ending credit song to Dexter. I made Chris dress up as Dexter for last halloween and I was one of his victims. So even though I acted slightly crazy obsessed, I didn't flash Michael C Hall or run up and try to hug him (although I did consider it). The whole cast was there. Dexter, Quinn, Debra, Angel and Masuka. The only cast member missing was LaGuerta, and I was 50 feet away from them. Seriously, the happiest day of my life. Now I understand why people live in So Cal. They have the chance to see movie stars everyday!

Michael C Hall aka Dexter, looking right at me!

Chris and I as Dexter and his Victim Halloween 2010

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