Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phew...First Week of Hell Over!

This is week 6 of the rest of my life. And for some reason I am not tired and I only sleep about 5 hours a night (maybe less). I am waiting for that to change. For me to be drooling and snoring loudly in class. But till then, coffee and diet coke will be a staple in my diet.

These past two weeks have really tested my sanity. Let's see. I had...
  1. Anatomy Quiz (these are no ordinary quizzes, these are mini tests from hell)
  2. Lab Quiz (see italics above)
  3. Biomechanics Online Quiz
  4. Physiology Midterm (which I rocked!)
  5. Developmental Anatomy quiz (at least this one wasn't too bad)
  6. Anatomy Midterm (which was just hell)
Lauren and I sad because of our boredom studying

But I survived and I only have about 6 or 7 weeks till my brain gets a break. I did take a mini study break on Monday after my Anatomy Midterm. It was the first day I did not study 1 second since I started school. I think that I deserved a night off.

At Alcatraz Brewery after our Anatomy Exam

This is what happens when I need a study break
Although I did study tonight, I finally made it to Taco Tuesday. Which is awesome! So Cal has an abundance of restaurants with great deals on Mexican food. And many of these places have Taco Tuesday (which is fun because Tuesday and Taco both start with T, I think I might have to start a Margarita Monday). I had dinner and dessert for $5. 
Jalapenos Orange, CA - Delish and Cheap

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