Sunday, October 23, 2011

Half Way Through (the first trimester)

I just finished week 7 and I am sliding right on into week 8 of my first trimester of graduate school. My motivation is slowly dwindling as my sleepless nights role on. My brain is working overtime and I am scared I am going to see smoke coming out of ears soon.

The gross anatomy of the body is starting to make more sense (damn it is complicated), but I am starting to forget simple things like how to spell "except"(I spell checked it first) or even my name (so if I call you the wrong name, don't take offense to it, I can't even remember my own name). I guess our brain can only fit so much information into them. I just hope that I can fit the rest of the muscles that I have to know for my quiz on Monday into it.

Our fridge stocked with caffeine diet coke

A second box of diet coke  - don't worry, I am splitting these with my roommate
My diet consists of caffeine and chocolate and I am getting caffeine headaches at night (is that a bad sign?). My professors told us that if we didn't have a caffeine addiction before (which I did), we will definitely be addicted to caffeine by the time we are through with this program. I'm just scared that all the pop and coffee is going to stain my teeth. What do you think? Do my teeth look any different?

Just kidding...Those aren't my teeth. I floss every night!

Well with my new (diet) coke problem, back to studying OINFs (Origins, Insertions, Nerves and Function)! I am thinking that in subsequent posts I may try to write about my new knowledge. So if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I am not good with the foot and I can't tell you had to fix it, but I MAYBE (and that is a big MAYBE) able to tell you what the problem is!

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  1. You're so funny! I was running today and missed you BIG time.. i'm going to start stalking flights down.
    Hang in ther - you're such an inspiration!