Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lack of Motivation

One month left of the 1st trimester of grad school and my motivation to study is slowly declining. It doesn't help that I have been fighting an illness for the past week (I will NOT get sick), my brain is too active to sleep and since I am tired and don't feel well, I can't work out. I literally dream about anatomy and physiology. How boring!

The stack of index cards of muscle that I have to know intimately (the pile recently got bigger too)

After our Anatomy Lab Midterm, one of my classmates, Jen, made delicious femur and skull cookies. At least I get some rewards for all my hard work!

Last week I did get a special treat! A few friends from out of town flew into LA to celebrate our friend Em's birthday. 
Sarah (out of town guest), Em (the birthday girl), me, Jeslyn and Gia(out of town guest) at a bar in Eagle Rock
I had an amazing time. We started the night at a sushi place in Downtown LA (I believe it was Zencu Sushi and Grill in Little Tokyo) that was amazing. I was sufficiently full and slightly drunk for $25. Plus it was awesome to hang out with old friends! We partied at a bar in Eagle Rock and then ended the night at a taco truck right down the street from the bar. It was the perfect night.

Since then I studied for an anatomy quiz, I am currently studying for a general medicine quiz (which is in two days) and excited to return to rainy Seattle for Thanksgiving.  I lead such an exciting life right now. Seriously, that is all I have done. So sad.

Here is something interesting that I learned.
Hamstring Stretching
Below are two ways you can get a good hamstring stretch. One way also stretches your nerve:
1.) When lying on your back (supine) to stretch your hamstring, if your leg is straight and you pull your toes towards your nose (into dorsiflexion) while in your stretch you are also stretching your nerve (tibial nerve to be exact). This is perfectly okay, but you will not get as deep of a hamstring stretch if that is your goal.
Hamstring and nerve stretch

Here is an example of just a hamstring stretch. If you are not as flexible, you can wrap a towel or a belt around your ankle or calf and it is perfectly okay to bend your knee. You will still get a good hamstring stretch.

Just a hamstring stretch

Next time you are stretching your hamstrings, you can pull your leg closer to your body if you keep your foot relaxed or even pointed. This is a great way to impress people with your flexibility. This also applies if you are sitting up with your legs straight out in front of you. But remember to always warm up first.

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