Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maybe I should come home to Seattle more often

My first trip back to Seatown since mid August will forever be memorable. Although I fully planned on studying every single day that didn’t quite happen…

Saturday Christopher and I went to our good friends Shawn and Ana’s wedding. It was beautiful. Good food, dancing, and everyone got a little slithered. The bride threw the bouquet directly at me for some reason.

The Isle at Shawn and Ana's wedding

First kiss as a married couple 
I caught the bouquet, look at how happy Chris is. 
Some one has to get a pie in the face at every wedding. Sorry Mike, it was you instead of James this time. 
The guys having a good time
In the morning Christopher requested that I enter in an address to my GPS. Low and behold we ended up at Boeing field where he had chartered a helicopter flight over Seattle!!!!!
It was amazing; we saw Lake Washington, UW, Green Lake, the Space Needle and the glorious Seattle skyline all from 1000 feet in the air.
Chris and I on our impromptu helicopter ride 
Beautiful Seattle

Upon landing I was told to pack a swimsuit, a nice evening gown, and my passport  for our next adventure. I was intrigued to say the least.

I packed a few more items like my toothbrush and contacts and we were off for Canada I supposed.

As we approached the boarder, my anticipation was growing.
After checking in to our hotel, we dined at a fabulous German restaurant. The food was absolutely exquisite; schnitzel, mushroom caps, escargot, spatzel and good German beer.
We were upgraded to a suite! 
How handsome?

Enjoying our beer

Our delicious dinner 
After dinner we soaked in hot springs. It was a lovely evening.
Right before heading down to the hot springs for a dip
The next morning I was surprised with snow on the ground (a big difference from the warm So Cal weather) and most importantly, a massage. Actually a couples massage with my romantic man right beside me.  It was so relaxing.

Later in the day we enjoyed afternoon tea, an English/Canadian tradition. Christopher only had one cookie, so I knew something was up.

We took a walk in the snow and found a dock with a picturesque view of Lake Harrision and the surrounding mountains. He got down on one knee and proposed. I was so happy yet puzzled because he used the ring he had already given me. (THE DECOY RING)
The location of the proposal

Several hours later, discussing our life together over a couple of martinis, he pulled out the (ROCK).  I was speechless. The ring is STUNNING! 

Christopher wore a handsome grey suit and I slipped on a sexy black dress and we dined in a fancy restaurant named the Copper Room. We drank champagne, ate a three-course dinner and danced to a live band. What a weekend!!!!

Maybe I SHOULD come home more often ;)

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