Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have 3 weeks off with literally NOTHING to do. AMAZING!

So far I have had a wonderful break.

My break started off with a holiday (ugly sweater) party with my classmates. We all needed this!

DPT Class of 2014 and others

The next day, a few of us jetted (drove) to Vegas. This was my first time to Vegas, so I was extremely excited and kind of nervous. I survived and I am still recovering, but it was so worth it.
Me, Jenny, Jenna and Lauren drinking our alcohol slushies in the Venetian

Outside the Palazzo

At Bank in the Bellagio

Now for my goals over the next 3 weeks of mental relaxation:

1.) Catch up on my TV shows. Such as Dexter, Real Housewives of BH and House. (oh wait, I already did this)

2.) Read non-school related books. The Hunger Games and Stiff

3.) Get back in shape. So far I have done yoga twice and I am already so sore that I don't know if I can keep this up, but I will because come January 4th, exercise will be much harder to come by.

and most important...

4.) See lots of friends. Hit me up people. I am available, it is you who has the busy schedule.

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