Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday Night Shenanigans

Hello all. I hope your weekend was fun. Mine was a little crazy. Let me show you how it started out...

If you can't tell, everyone is smiling
No, we were not removing toxic waste, but we did get certified for specific masks to prevent the risk of infection of TB. This included having a bag placed over our heads and a bitter liquid being sprayed at our faces to make sure that no large particles can get past these masks. The 5 of us are all going to the same hospital for our pre-clinical rotation's up in San Francisco and the hospital has some strict rules and requirements. For example, I had to do a background check, a drug test, 2 TB tests, a mask fitting to prevent TB, and send them all of my vaccinations. But it was a fun way to spend ($40) the start of my weekend.

Next, we went back to the pad to celebrate Kelsey's birthday.

I'm doing a great job at doing a posterior pelvic tilt to reduce my lumbar lordosis.
This picture describes that night

It was a crazy night and these are the only pictures I am allowed to show. Just kidding, these are the only pictures I took :)

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering and studying (in that order). I did manage to run 7.33 miles with Leslie on Sunday night. It was a lovely twilight run that my body definitely was swearing at me for treating it so poorly this weekend, but I am always happy when I complete a long run. Plus I have the Nike Women's Half Marathon coming up in a few weeks that I need to stay in shape for.

On that note...The Nike Women's half will be my 25th half marathon. I have a (secret) goal (that I am putting out there to get myself to do it) to run 30 half marathons by the end of 2013 (because I am turning 30 next year), so we will see if that happens. I did sign up for a half marathon in November that will make my count 26. I will run 4 half marathon's this year, so it is definitely a possibility that I can complete my goal (with the possibility of a 5th half in Malibu). I will keep you posted.

Does anyone have something on their bucket list that they would like to share?

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