Sunday, May 12, 2013

Colorful Running

With tradition…The last few races I have run with my mom, I have posted the picture of us after completing the race…So here it is:
You see, it even says Proof that we finished the race.

Okay, now on to the current week...

Saturday morning I completed my 1st color run. What is this you ask? It is a run where you get an array of colors thrown at you at different check points along the course of a 5K. It was so much fun. A group of us from Chapman (plus two guests) met at school at 6:15am (a little bit too early for a Saturday morning, but definitely worth it) and carpooled down to Irvine.

The race started at 8am, but since 15,000 people were all trying to drive into one entrance we thought it would be best to get to the start line a little earlier.

Below are pictures (credit Tiffany Yu) showing how much fun we had at the run.

The group before the race started

One of the color stations, you can see the orange dust.

After the run, a little bit more colorful!

I was trying to add color to my outfit

Our outfits

So much fun, Jumping for joy

The 3.1 mile flew by. In fact when I saw the finish line I was convinced we had only ran half the distance (either because I ran it so fast or I was having so much fun). I did plot the mileage later that day and it was in fact a 5K.

The run was well organized and they did a good job of pumping everyone up so early in the morning. I highly suggest participating in these types of runs. There were so many different shapes and sizes of bodies, people of all different ages, and athletic abilities. It was just a great way to get out and exercise.

On Sunday (after calling my mom and soon to be mother in law), a group of us set out on the town for a project for our Rehab class. The assignment was to have a member in our group do errands in a wheel chair. Our activities were to go to lunch (and the person in the wheel chair had to go to the bathroom), go to the post office to buy stamps, and then go to the schools theatre to watch a show. Here was our day...

Eating lunch at the Gastropub

Crossing the street

At the post office…there were no ramps…definitely not within the ADA guidelines

At Chapman's Theatre.
The project was very eye opening. Although our "patient" was very high functioning and independent with his activities of daily living, getting in and out of a car, through a door, or into public buildings took extra time and work. But it was nice to see (except for getting stamps at the post office), that the city is wheel chair accessible.

The rest of my free time this weekend was spent in the library for two reasons:
1.) It has been so damn hot here that I needed an air conditioned spot (plus they have free cookies in the library because next week is the undergrads finals week)
2.) I have a test on Monday that I just started studying for on Thursday!

Have you had any eye opening experiences lately?

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