Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Decade Approaching

On Tuesday I turn 30. Whoa, I remember turning 18 and thinking how old I was then. Although I do not have any reservations about the next decade of my life, it is still an age I have always thought I'd be an adult.
How I still think I look and how I still feel!
And I am far from being a real adult. I do not have a job, I am still in school, I party like I did in college (and by that I mean much less often, with fewer drinks, and much more hung over the next morning). I still call my parents if I need advice or a want to talk about my crappy day. But maybe I will never feel like an adult, even when I get a job, get married, and have children (gasp).

That all being said, I am also very grateful for my life. I have an amazing fiance, family, and friends. I am in school for a career that I know I will enjoy going to every day, and I have my health.

In one of my classes we are studying about physical therapy management for people who have tetraplegia (new term for quadriplegia). On Wednesday, we had a guest lecture come in to talk to us about working with people with C1-C4 tetraplegia. This population may require a respirator for the rest of their life and are completely dependent on someone else to perform activities of daily living. We were also fortunate to have two guests come talk to us who are people living with high tetraplegia. It was a very eye opening experience. These two people rely on a ventilator to breathe for them. If their nose itches, they can't just scratch it, and if they are thirsty, they can't just reach for water. As I mentioned in an early post, I did a project where one of our teammates was in a wheel chair but had full use of their arms and abdominal muscles. Getting around in that situation was difficult and took much more time than with someone who is not in a wheelchair.

It just made me realize that even though sometimes I look at my arms and wish they were more toned, or that I could run just a little faster I would be happier, but in reality, I am able to use my arms and legs without any problems. I went on a run today (procrastination technique to avoiding studying for my midterm tomorrow) and while I was running, enjoying the weather and the pavement under my feet, feeling my muscles burn, I was appreciative that I was able to run. It made studying easier (just a little easier). I know I will still have insecurities, be jealous of other people's lives (especially right now while I am in school), and not have everything I want, I have to remember everything I have.

Sheryl Crow has a quote in one of her songs that I live by "it is not having what you want, it is wanting what you've got."

So as in the words of Tim McGraw: In my next 30 years, I will try and live by these words. I will appreciate my loved ones, the body I am in, and everything that I have. That is a tall order, but I am going to try.

So as last Sunday started my 30th birthday celebration, the party continues until at least Tuesday (on my actual birthday). Cheers!

Here is to fun!

Anyone have words that they live by?

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