Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Thirty!

Crazy to say that. I haven't really said it out loud yet, but I have thought it. But all in all the day has been very delightful.

I had class this morning at 8:45am and when I arrived, a bouquet of purple flowers were waiting for me from Sammy Snifferpifits (AKA Chris). He couldn't be with me on my birthday, so he sent beautiful flowers instead (the next best thing to Chris actually being in town). It definitely started the morning off right. Along with the red velvet cupcakes that Kelsey had brought to me!

Nothing special about class, but I did bike to school today, so I had to carry my flowers home while riding. Hey it was a good arm exercise.

I know I look really sexy holding those flowers on my bike.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, eating a red velvet cupcake, attending a wonderful yoga class (I did an awesome handstand today) and then eating a Cali Taco Burrito.

I am officially full, relaxed, and happy.

It has been a great way to ring in this new decade of life. Thank you for all the love!

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