Sunday, September 22, 2013

Living for the Weekends

These past two weekends have been friend and fun filled.

Last Friday, right after work, I flew out of LAX to Seattle. I woke up early on Saturday and headed over to Lake Chelan to celebrate Shelby and Jesse's wedding. The weekend was amazing. I got to hang out with amazing friends and watch 2 love birds get married.
I have a new tradition of drinking a glass of wine before getting on a flight (as long as there is time to spare), this time was no exception.
Baker - I couldn't resist posting a picture of this cutie!

 The backdrop of the wedding with the Bride and Groom

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jesse and Shelby!
 1st dance!

 Where I got my dance on
Good friends!

The night was amazing! Perfect weather, wonderful food, and fantastic company. I may or may not have danced the entire time.

Sunday morning we headed back to Seattle (a little tired and a little hung over), but the fun did not stop there. My dad got me a signed Russell Wilson Jersey

I did wear the Jersey on my plane ride home, but I will be framing this jersey and never wearing it again! But the Seahawks kicked the 49ners butts. So wearing the jersey was definitely worth it ;)

The past week was rough. My flight was delayed getting into LAX and I didn't get into bed until around 1:30am. I didn't know it was possible to doze off standing up, but I guess it is when you are exhausted. Luckily I had Friday off to recover.

This weekend was just as fun, but not quite as much traveling. I decided to try and run 6 miles on Friday, so I did and my knee only hurt a little. It's getting better right?

On Saturday, I headed down to San Diego to celebrate a friend's birthday. Her birthday was last week, but since I was out of town, I told her she would just have to extend her birthday celebrations for at least a week longer.

We went to Temecula and participated in some wine tasting, made pizza, and headed out on the town.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend as well!

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