Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Running and a Bum Knee

As I have mentioned in (a few) past post or two, I have a plan to run 30 half marathons by the end of this year. Well I am two away from completing this goal and low and behold, I am hurt :( After the trail run, a few miles into any run my knee starts to hurt, and not the good kind of hurt.

My next half is Oct 20th and I would like to train for it. But at this rate, who knows. I talked to my clinical instructor about what she thinks I should do and here was her advice…

"As a PT, you should rest, stretch your quads, strengthen your glut meds, and ice…As a runner, you can take 3 Advil before a run and then ice it afterwards. But I don't suggest doing #2."

Well, I don't have a choice. I have been trying not to run, strengthening my quads and butt muscles, but the last few days I have decided to take a few Advil, run and then ice. Bad me. Do as I say and not as I do. But I promised myself I would complete this goal and gosh darnit, I am doing it.

It is tough to know that my body is telling me to rest but that my brain is telling me to go. Well my brain is also telling me to rest because I know the consequences of what can happen if I injury myself worse. So I guess it would be my heart telling me to keep going.

What is something that you have pushed through to complete a goal?

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