Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of The World as We Know it

Sorry, I have had these lyrics stuck in my head all day and it seems fitting since the Mayan's "predicted" the end of the world tomorrow. Or as I like to think, they stopped charting the calendar because it was so far in the future that why should they continue? But here is the REM song so you can all get it stuck in your head too!

I had another thought on this matter as well. If the world is ending as we know it, maybe that means there will be peace and the world will be a better place? Just an optimistic thought.

Break has been relaxing. I may or may not have been sleeping in till noon everyday. I think my body needs all this sleep.

But mostly I have been cooking, relaxing, working out and seeing friends.

Here are two examples of my lovely dishes. They are zucchini lasagna and beef pad thai (See Shelly, I can cook).

On Friday night, for my friend Lance's birthday, we all dressed up in our finest (some of us were in our prom outfits) and heading to Targy's on Queen Anne. The night was a blast and it ended with some of us at Dick's (the burger joint in Seattle).
Tomorrow, Chris and I are heading to Portland to see some friends. I will keep you updated on my travels.

Is your holiday season going well?

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