Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Partying Like it's 2003

One of my best friends Nichole flew into town on Friday night. We started the night off right with a bottle of pinot and a taste of chocolate wine. After getting a slight buzz on, we headed out to the Orange Circle where I was able to show Nichole all the local watering holes. We started at Gastropub with a martini and fries, sauntered over to O'haras to play pool, and then finished the night dancing at the District.
I believe this picture was taken at the District. The rest of the night may or may have not been a blur ;)

Saturday we woke up at a leisurely hour and headed out to Balboa Island, which is a tiny island in Newport Beach that is accessible by a little bridge or a $2 ferry ride. We ate lunch and then walked around the island (which is about 2.5 miles around) recovering from our hangovers enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful houses on the water.
Signs in people's front lawns.

Someone made this? Crazy!

Don't worry Nichole, I will save you from the T-rex!
The afternoon was perfect and I finally felt normal again once we headed home.

Later that night we went to an awesome Dive Bar in Orange called Chaser's Lounge with some of my PT friends. We tried to keep the PT talk to a minimum, but we did do a lot of Karaoke (one of Nichole's and my favorite past time). We each sang two songs, Nichole performed Adele: Someone Like You and Shoop by Salt and Pepa both flawlessly, while I sang Somebody to love by Queen and This is How we do it by Montell Jordan (one of my all time favorite songs).

Saturday was a much earlier night and we fell asleep to Clueless.

Sunday morning, after a wonderful nights sleep, I showed Nichole the town by a) running through it on a 4.5mile run and then b) eating at the Filling Station and walking around the Circle, all while dressed in Green (hey it was St Patty's Day).

The whole weekend was perfect, just too short!

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