Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exciting Times

My exciting adventure from last week was my trip home for our 4th annual Girls Weekend!

Since I don't have work on Thursday, I woke up at the crack of dawn and flew back to Seattle. Chris picked me up from the airport and we spent a wonderful day together watching TV, taking a walk in the rain, napping together, and cooking dinner. It was a gloriously relaxing day. I didn't tell anyone that I was going to be home (in Seattle) because it was for such a short amount of time, I knew I couldn't fit everyone in.

The next morning I headed to Victoria's house and we started our 3+ hour adventure to Moclips (the coast of WA). We took all the necessary stops: Costco, gas station, Top Food Grocery Store (bulk food) and we made it to the coast at around 4pm. Chelsea and little Jayden were already there, so we broke out some beer and started our vacation right.

People trickled in throughout the night. And the rest of the weekend was filled with wine, running in frozen rain, eating cheese and crackers, gossiping, naked pillow fights (just kidding), and catching up.
Jayden and Mommy (Chelsea)

Rainbow after the frozen sideways rain

Lots of this beverage to go around.

Chillin' on the beach


It wasn't raining the entire time (plus the view from our place)

Celebrating Chel and Chrissy's bdays!
Before our run, we all wore red and or blue!

The picture we take before we leave :(

Being goofy (Sorry ladies, couldn't resist)
On Sunday I had to fly back to Orange because I had work bright and early Monday morning.  But I had such an amazing time, it was worth all the travel!

Can't wait till next year!

Do you take any annual trips with your friends or family?


  1. So cool that you do that every year! I love the idea of an all-girls annual trip.

  2. Aaaah. Looks amazing. Love the addition of baby J. Birthday cake looks yummy too!
    Where are all the wedding magazines?